Greer Shelter to Empower People (STEP)

Families in need of shelter should contact 864-540-4681 and leave a message. One of our volunteer counselors will be in touch within 24 hours.

Why is the program called Greer STEP?

STEP stands for Shelter to Empower People. The program is also known as the Greer Family Shelter. We provide a positive message for families who wish to leave homelessness in their past.

How many people can be in the program at one time?

Four families.

Where do families or individuals stay during the program?

At the family homeless shelter operated by Daily Bread Ministries in Greer.

Where is the facility located?

On E. Poinsett Street, Greer–a couple of doors down from the Greer Soup Kitchen. (also operated by Daily Bread Ministries)

What kind of facility is it?

A square configuration with a protected courtyard/play/picnic/meeting area, four individually secured living spaces, and a meeting room.

Will funding appeals be made as part of the soup kitchen or as part of a separate entity?

Daily Bread Ministries is the non-profit organization that operates the Greer Soup Kitchen and the STEP. The shelter is operated as a unit of Daily Bread Ministries, just as the Greer Soup Kitchen is. Funds are managed by Daily Bread Ministries, and all oversight will be under the governance of Daily Bread Ministries.

What about ongoing operating costs?

Meals are provided once per day by the Greer Soup Kitchen. Other meals supplies will be provided by the soup kitchen. The flow of inbound food is sufficient to sustain a four family unit. The shelter will operate under the Daily Bread Ministries corporate structure. Taxes, insurance, and utility expenses are equal to those of the soup kitchen. Total operating costs are $40K per year for the shelter, and $115K per year for the soup kitchen.

Will creation of a Greer STEP cause the homeless population in Greer to grow?

On the contrary, Greer STEP moves people out of homelessness and because of the limited capacity and extended program, will not become a congregation point for homeless people. Greer STEP does not operate as a rescue mission.

Why isn’t Daily Bread Ministries doing something to shelter those who are perpetually homeless during times of inclement weather?

Greer STEP is not intended to be a rescue shelter similar to the Salvation Army. Soup Kitchen clients warn us that rescue shelters need to be prepared to deal with drugs, alcohol, prostitution, and mental illness with proper security and on site trained counselors. The STEP is operated by volunteers, and is not equipped to deal with mental illness or substance abuse issues. The STEP focuses on situational poverty that can be permanently repaired in a short period of time.

What happens when a participant is accepted?

They are provided with an apartment, and begin the 90 day training and visioning process.

What kind of program will participants enter if they meet the criteria, are recommended, and accepted?

Each family will participate in a program to help them understand their assets, and how to live independently using their assets. Participants will write their own story, and facilitators will help them form it to fit their assets.

How will seniors’ needs be addressed?

We will work with local agencies to address the special needs of seniors and seniors who are the primary caregiver of children. Many seniors have a strong desire to find success in helping to raise their grandchildren and finding meaning in life. We’d like to help them meet these goals.

Will the facility be secure?

The facility is well lit, and equipped with high-definition security cameras in the courtyard and the perimeter. All entry doors are steel and equipped with keypad access. Each unit is individually secured. It is our intent to maintain safe haven for participants and volunteers.

How will volunteers be trained?

Commissioners, Facilitators and Specialists complete training sessions using the books Bridges Out of Poverty by Dr. Ruby Payne and the book Getting Ahead in a Just Gettin’ By World by Philip Devol. Trainings sessions are held as needed. For information about how to volunteer, call 864-540-4681. A volunteer will return your call within 24 hours.

How long will participants be in the program?

Participants stay on average for 90 days. During the 90 days, 1/3 of their earnings will be held by Daily Bread Ministries to be used for security deposits when leaving the program.

What requirements will participants need to meet to remain in the program?

Participation in planned activities and progress will be expected. No drugs, alcohol, theft, arrest, or inappropriate visitors will be allowed. No tobacco products will be permitted in the units or courtyard. If a participant does not meet expectations, they will be moved out of the program. Specialists will be helping the parents get jobs quickly if they don’t have a job already.

How will housing units be equipped?

The apartments have one bedroom, one bath. Each unit is fully furnished and able to sleep up to six people using beds, bunk beds and hide a bed sofas in the living room. They each have kitchen and cleaning supplies, a range, stove, washer/dryer and microwave.