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The Facts About Hunger

  • Thirty million Americans are affected by hunger
    One and five children go hungry every month.
  • Hunger affects how people perform at work.
    Hunger affects how children perform in school.
  • Hunger affects how people view their communities and their lives.
    More than enough food is wasted each year than is needed to feed all of our nation’s hungry.
  • During Daily Bread Ministries’ first year, 6,100 meals were served."
    In the past year the Greer Soup Kitchen served over 50,000 meals.
  • Over 1,000 individuals, businesses, churches, and civic organizations volunteer or donate to the Greer Soup Kitchen."
    The Greer Soup Kitchen is not affiliated with the United Way or any other church or civic organization.
  • There are 2 part time paid employees for janitorial and operations management, all other work is by volunteers."
    The Greer Soup Kitchen is open 365 days a year.
  • Gardens at the Greer Soup Kitchen contribute to supplies each year.
    Local hunters donate venison each year. Volunteers tend to the gardens and can food during the harvest.
  • Banquet leftovers or nearly out of date food can always be used.
    Turkeys, hams and canned goods are always needed.
Average hot meal costs are below $1.70. What are you doing to help?
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